The “Red Dolphin” consulting company provides services for handling import and export trading operations with customs clearance, door-to-door delivery, and searching and inspection of suppliers, productions and goods.

Interest in business with China is steadily growing. Everything that the modern man cannot imagine living without is produced in PRC. Wholesale deliveries from China can become a reliable and steady source of your income. And remember that China’s rapidly developing economy is the main consumer of many foreign products and has an enormous potential for importing.

Our company offers following services:

Service type:Price:
Search for manufacturers in China50$/position
Trade transactions assistanceBy request
Complex analyzing of trade offersfrom 500$/position
Processing FOB proposalsfrom 100$/position
Quality, production, and product inspectionfrom 150$/day
Inspection upon loading productsfrom 200$/day

*For the up to date prices, please contact our consultant